Making a difference

If you’ve read any of my books, you may have noticed that they took more effort to create than most of the other kink books (or any books) you’ve read. That’s not an accident.

I take a lot of pride in my work and kink is particularly important to me. So when I start a new project, I make sure it’s worth doing. I don’t want to be an also-ran. I want to make a difference.

Until now, jute rope has been expensive. The jute itself is quite cheap, but by the time it's finished being processed, the rope costs a fortune.

I mean to change that.

Douglas Kent Rope offers premium rope, without the premium price.

And without cutting any corners.

We spent months sourcing raw jute before we found something that met our standards. It wasn't cheap. We pay a premium price - three times that of most other raw jute sources we found - because it's important to us to start with the best raw product we could find.

Our processing is absolutely unmatched. We've developed best practices for processing based on over 300 hours of experimentation and testing on over a kilometre of rope. We have full-time, dedicated crafters who put a serious amount of work into each rope they create. These aren't mass produced products - they're artisan ropes.

We offer a mind-blowing number of customization options as well - there are over 98 million possible combinations already!

Douglas Kent Rope is starting a revolution in jute rope. Just as Complete Shibari made learning shibari affordable, Douglas Kent Rope is making high-quality, professional rope affordable.

Finally, every rigger can afford high-quality, premium rope that won't hold you back!