Douglas Kent Classic 8 (8m x 5-pack)

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If you’re looking for general use rope (or just can’t decide what options you’d like), simply choose Douglas Kent Classic and relax. Douglas Kent Classic rope is similar to what most other rope vendors offer. Except ours, respectfully, is better.

We start with our signature natural tossa jute. It’s light, soft, and fast right off the roll. Then we process it with a light coating of mineral oil, soften it, and carefully singe off all the fuzz.

We finish each end with an attractive distinctive diamond knot. To keep the diamond knot in place, we sew a whipping on either side with a single thread. No end knot lasts forever, but our extra care ensures the end knots stay tightly in place far far longer than rope from any other vendor. The burgundy red whipping compliments the natural rope color beautifully and gives your rope a regal touch.

Each Douglas Kent Rope is painstakingly crafted to produce not just a piece of rope, but a beautifully crafted work of art. The time and attention we put into our rope is unmatched by any other vendor.

When you hold a Douglas Kent Classic rope in your hand, you’ll see and feel the care we put into each and every piece.

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Tossa jute, 6mm
Length: 8 m
Rope color: Natural
End knot: Diamond knot
End whipping color: Burgundy red
Tassel length: 2 cm
Center Mark:  None
Left thread color: -
Center thread color: -
Right thread color: -
Rope singeing: Yes
Rope softening: 2x
Rope conditioner: Mineral oil
Conditioner quantity: 1 mL/m


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Number of ropes Price Unit
Shibari 2: Sky
includes 2 free furoshiki‡
$290 $11.50
Shibari 1: Land
includes 1 free furoshiki‡
$240 $14.00
10 $164 $16.40
5 $96 $19.20

† Unit price calculated inclusive of furoshiki

‡ Furoshiki are square cloths that you can use to carry your rope. Learn more about Douglas Kent Furoshiki!

$96.00 $470.00

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