Douglas Kent Rustic

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By far, the best feature on Douglas Kent Rope is our stitching. Our hand-stitched knots and center marks make our rope durable, unique, and easy to use. We sincerely believe that our stitched Custom, Lightning, and Classic rope are the best value you can find.

However, whether you prefer no stitching or simply want to save money, we now offer rope without stitching.

Our Douglas Kent Rustic 8 is finished with two simple overhand knots.

The rope is exactly the same as our Douglas Kent Lightning rope, but without the end or center mark whippings.

Ropes are 8 m long (measured between the knots). If you want shorter rope, you can cut it and tie your own knot.

Lightning 8 Specifications:
Tossa jute, 6mm
Length: 8 m
Rope color: Bare Blond
End knot: Overhand knot
End whipping color: none
Tassel length: ~2 cm
Center Mark:  none
Rope singeing: Yes
Rope softening: 2x
Rope conditioner: Mineral oil
Conditioner quantity: 2 mL/m


Rustic 8

of ropes
Price Unit
Advanced 20
includes 2 free furoshiki‡
$260 $10.00
Intermediate 15
includes 1 free furoshiki‡
$210 $12.00
Beginner 10 $140 $14.00
No experience 5 $75 $15.00

† Unit price calculated inclusive of furoshiki

‡ Furoshiki are square cloths that you can use to carry your rope. Learn more about Douglas Kent Furoshiki!



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