Douglas Kent untreated rope


Processing rope is hard work. We soften it, singe it three times, precisely meter our rope treatment, measure it to greater than 99.99% accuracy, weave fancy end knots, painstakingly whip each knot, put center marks in the exact center of each rope, and more. We're extremely careful, precise, and attentive.

All this care takes time. A lot of time. Right now, each finished rope takes almost an hour to process. And we're really efficient, too.

So before you order untreated rope, decide if all that extra effort is worth it when you can get precisely customized rope so cheap.

But if you still want untreated rope, we've got a deal for you!

Where other vendors may sell untreated rope for $2-3 per meter or more, we offer a 40 m coil for as low as $56 - that's $1.40/m, with free shipping!

Our untreated rope comes off the roll practically ready to use - soft, light, and fast. Each coil is terminated with overhand knots, but has no other finish of any kind. We spent months to find rope that met our standards. You'll see the quality immediately.

Your untreated rope is shipped with the same care we put to all our finished rope: To ensure your rope arrives in perfect condition, we encase your coil in a heavy-duty vacuum seal bag, kept dry with with silica gel desiccant. (If you order multiple quantities of our untreated rope, we'll attempt to send you 80 m or 120 m lengths, if our vacuum bags can accommodate them. However, we can't guarantee more than 40 m lengths because shipping protection must take precedence.)

A personal note from Douglas Kent: Even though we buy our raw rope at three times what most other raw jute costs, and even though we charge about half what our competitors do, untreated rope is still our highest margin rope. So if everyone buys untreated rope, I'll make more money, with less work. However, I would rather make less money and give you an amazing set of rope. If there's any way you can afford a finished set of rope, it really is the better deal. Our untreated jute may be the best deal you can get find for untreated rope, but our finished rope is an even better deal!


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