Hojojutsu Everything-You-Need Pack

If you want the best Hojojutsu rope kit, this is it.

The Hojojutsu Everything-You-Need Pack has everything you need to create amazing Hojojtsu forms.

The Hojojutsu Everything-You-Need Pack includes:

The rope lets you tie any of the 91 forms in Rogue Hojojutsu on a partner… and get results worthy of photographing. The 5m, 7m, 10m, and 20m ropes let you tie any form in Rogue Hojojutsu, from the most simple to the most complex, using only a single rope. As with all Douglas Kent ropes, all the ropes in the Hojojutsu Everything-You-Need Pack are carefully crafted to be beautiful, reliable, light, and fast.

The Hojojutsu Everything-You-Need Pack includes a beautiful cloth furoshiki that you can use to protect and carry your rope, just as Edo Period Japanese did… and still do today!

The Hojojutsu Practice Doll is an update to the ancient straw dolls that hojojutsu students traditionally used to practice without requiring a partner. Douglas Kent personally created and iterated the design over 2 years until it was perfect for rope practice.

The Hojojutsu Practice Doll is a limited production run available exclusively with the Hojojutsu Everything-You-Need Pack.

Naturally, the Hojojutsu Everything-You-Need Pack also includes Rogue Hojojutsu, so you have the knowledge to tie like a pro! Rogue Hojojutsu includes clear instructions for 91 Hojojutsu forms and countless variants.

The Hojojutsu Everything-You-Need Pack is an incredible value that includes everything you need to become an amazing top-tier Hojojutsu rigger! 

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