About the Rope

For years, I’ve been frustrated at the prohibitive cost of a set of jute rope. Whether it was great rope or not, it was still very expensive.

So I created Douglas Kent Rope to change that.

We started out by spending months researching jute rope suppliers until we found a beautiful rope that was soft enough for bondage, but that didn’t have loose strands. We offer that rope in a variety of beautiful colors.

We let you customize your rope with an array of intricate end knots and a rainbow of amazing whipping colors. We currently offer an amazing 98 MILLION combinations! You get to design your completely customized rope exactly the way you want it.

If you can’t decide, we also offer Douglas Kent Lightning, which is optimized for one thing: speed.

All our beautiful ropes are lovingly processed by hand, and with meticulous attention to detail. On top of that, our rope is more affordable than almost everyone else’s.

Douglas Kent Rope. Premium rope without the premium price.

About the Books

Years ago, I started writing The Better Built Bondage Book because I wanted to build my own safe, high-quality, fun sex toys and realized that I couldn't find clear, well-illustrated directions anywhere. I figured it would be a pretty niche book that wouldn’t get a lot of press.

The book took me five and a half years to write. I received a lot of acclaim for that now award-winning book, and in the process realized how many people out there like me were looking for the same quality information on our favorite topic - kinky sex!

I started writing the Complete Shibari series in 2006. Before it was published, in-depth resources for learning shibari were very difficult to obtain. I wanted to not only make such information accessible, but to strip away the mystery and present the information in a friendly, easy-to-learn-from volume that could take anyone from novice to adept rigger.

Admittedly, I’m not a good salesperson. I prefer to let the testimonials and the books speak for themselves.

However, I’m truly passionate about the books I publish. I hope you’ll use them to spark passion in your life, too.