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If you want to get expert-level kits for shibari or hojojutsu, consider the Shibari Everything-You-Need Pack or the Hojojutsu Everything-You-Need Pack. For other packages, see the Beginner/Intermediate Collections page.

You've spent years being kinky. You know better than to waste your time looking for random "how-to" scraps on the web. You know that to become truly skilled, you need top-quality information.

You have enough experience to know that the top experts use top-quality tools. You're done buying your rope from the hardware store. You're not going to let yourself be forced to tie slowly by slippery rope, stretchy rope, heavy rope, or giant end-knots.

You take pride in your work and sometimes you take photos of your ties. You know that photos featuring hardware-store rope don't impress anybody. You know that photos of hemp rope always looks like a blobby mess. You know that the only real choice for great photos is jute rope.

You've got enough experience to know that in real life, rope gets tangled. You know your partner wants you to set aside tangled rope rather than stop the scene to untangle it.

You know that sometimes a length or two of rope gets left in a dark corner in the kink club, never to be seen again. You know that, even if you lose a few, your set of rope has to be big enough to be able to do all the crazy stuff you imagine, without ever limiting you.

You know that the best, most skilled players not only get admiration, but also the attention of the hottest girls and boys in the club. You're ready to be that top-skilled player.

I want to be an expert in everything!

Douglas Kent 4-pack

…if you want to…

  • Be the local expert in shibari, hojojutsu, and toys!

I want to own the best shibari rope!

Shibari jute rope 20-pack

20-Rope Pack 

…if you want to…

  • Tie fast with rope small, tight end knots!
  • Take photos of your spectacular work!
  • Own the best shibari rope, the fastest shibari rope, and have enough of it that you're never limited, no matter what you do!

I want to own the best hojojutsu rope!

Hojojutsu Quick Rope and

Mixed Rope Kit 7m/10m/20m

…if you want to…

  • Own the best hojojutsu rope!
  • Use hojojutsu rope that's designed to be hojojutsu rope!
  • Have the proper rope to make the most complex hojojutsu ties!
  • Own rope that makes your complex hojojutsu ties look amazing!