What's New at DKR!

2020-04 Chroma Rope!

We now offer Chroma Rope in four amazing colors: Electric Blue, Wild Green, Crimson Red, and Hottest Pink!

The ropes are fully dyed and feature a high thread count so your Chroma Rope stays bright, colorful, and beautiful for a long long time!

2018-07: Complete Shibari 1&2, Version 2!

After a long, difficult search for a good-quality, reliable printer, Complete Shibari 2: Sky is printed and back in stock! It's also updated!

Before each reprint, I make little fixes, tweaks, and updates. I'm proud to say there were very few errors in the original version, and they were consistently minor. However, I made little changes to improve clarity or provide better information.

Generally, the changes were generally so minor the versions incremented by 0.01 or 0.10.

However, Land and Sky have been updated enough that both are now v2.00!

To determine your book's version:

    1.  Open Land or Sky to the boilerplate on page 2.
    2. Under "Printed in Canada", look for a string of characters that look like "1.10...". The first number is your book's version number.  Expect to find versions like 1.00, 1.01, 1.10, etc.

If you own an early version and you use Land or Sky often, consider upgrading. You can gift your books to a friend and get a fresh, updated set.

Don't feel obligated - your version 1 books are still fine. It's just that the newer versions are better!

And if you still haven't bought copies of Complete Shibari 1 & 2, now's the time to get them!

2018-06: Updated booklets!

Major updates to our free download booklets!

  • Care and Feeding of Your Douglas Kent Jute Rope v4.00
  • Using Your Douglas Kent Furoshiki v2.00

Get them on our Downloads page!

2018-04: Rustic rope!

We've created a new, low-cost rope!

Douglas Kent Rustic is our usual beautifully finished rope, terminated with simple Overhand Knots!


2018-02: New rope colors!

We've added three new rope colors! 

In addition to Bare Blond and Natural, we now have Harlot Scarlet, Envy Green, and Ballsy Blue! Configure your beautiful Custom rope with these amazing new colors!