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Wholesale Pricing

Weight without packaging Wholesale unit cost/MSRP (USD)
Complete Shibari Volume 1: Land
First of the Complete Shibari series. Learn the foundations of Shibari with easily understood, fully illustrated instructions.
290g 15/30
Complete Shibari Volume 2: Sky
Building on the techniques and foundations learned in Volume 1, this book teaches rope suspension from the ground up!
290g 15/30
The Better Built Bondage Book
Full instructions for building over 100 kinky projects: sex toys, equipment, portable furniture, and more!
814g 20/40
Rogue Hojojutsu
Learn Hojojutsu from basic techniques to constructing beautiful and aggressive ties. Fully illustrated with over 90 Hojojutsu forms.
290g 17.50/35
Lightning 8m jute rope (5 pack)
5 pieces of Lightning 8m jute rope in a vacuum sealed bag.
750g Enquire
Basic 8m jute rope (1 pc)
Tossa jute, 6mm. Blond color, 8m length. Ends finished with overhand knots. Softened and conditioned with mineral oil. Packaged in a vacuum sealed bag.
145g 8/22


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The minimum order for wholesale priced books is $300 USD, not including shipping.

The minimum order for wholesale rope is $500 USD not including shipping, or 10kg without packaging, whichever comes first.

Orders below the minimum amount are quoted at our retail prices. If you wish to place a large order for resale that falls below our minimums, you may be eligible for discounts. Please contact us for more information.


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Shipping - Books
All our wholesale book orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail from our warehouse in Florida, USA. Orders are shipped next business day after your payment is received, unless special shipping requirements are needed. If your order requires special shipping, we will coordinate the details with you prior to shipment.

Shipping - Rope
All our wholesale rope orders are shipped from our workshop in Malaysia, as quoted on your order invoice.

Payment Terms
Orders must be paid for in advance, in full. We are able to receive payments through PayPal only.

Return policy
Returns are accepted only with prior permission. A 30% restocking fee applies; returns that drop the order below discount levels will first be recalculated at the new level; returns that drop the order below the wholesale threshold will be first recalculated as a retail order. Return shipping, brokering, and other charges are the responsibility of the shipper; we will not accept cash-on-delivery packages.


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Volume Discounts for Books

Wholesale book orders are discounted using whichever single method brings the greatest discount.

  • 05%: Orders of $450 or more, before shipping.
  • 08%: Orders of $600 or more, before shipping.
  • 08%: Order with 10 or more copies of The Better Built Bondage Book.
  • 10%: Orders of 70lbs / 31 kg or more (not counting packaging).

Wholesale rope orders are not eligible for further discounts.


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Book Packaging

Our books are carefully and professionally packed by our shipper. They’re wrapped in cardboard “burritos” to ensure that edges and corners stay sharp, then packed with peanuts or air packets in a cardboard box.

They’ll arrive crisp and ready to sell!


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Rope Packaging


Humidity Control

Jute is the most hygroscopic of the natural fibres. It can absorb up to 34% of its mass in water, without feeling wet. Jute also has a very high cellulose content, which, when combined with high water absorption, makes jute unusually vulnerable to dry rot.

Dry rot is caused by fungi that consume the jute for food. Dry rot is a bit of a misnomer because it actually requires moisture to occur. However, once rot takes hold, very little moisture is required to sustain the process.

We package our rope in vacuum-seal bags to prevent moisture from reaching the jute, thus preventing dry rot. Once the rope reaches your establishment, you must keep it dry. The easiest way to do this is to leave the rope in its vacuum-seal bag. If you wish to remove the ropes from the bags, you must ensure that you store them in a cool, dry area. If the relative humidity in your establishment ever exceeds 60%, you must protect the rope. Dry rot begins at 65% relative humidity. If you do not have a method for storing the rope in an area with proper humidity control, do not remove them from the vacuum-seal bags.

Store your rope below 65% relative humidity at all times. Once germination takes place, dry rot can proceed in as little as 20% humidity.




Standard Packaging

Click to see how we keep your rope pristine:




Optional Packaging

Click to see our additional packaging options:


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How to Order

Ordering Instructions


Wholesale orders are placed via email. Once we receive your order, we will send you an invoice. Payments may be made via PayPal only.

  1. Create an email to: wholesale@douglaskentrope.com
Subject: Wholesale Order for [your store/business name]
Email body: Quantities
Complete Shibari vol 1: Land: ###
Complete Shibari vol 2: Sky: ###
The Better Built Bondage Book: ###
Lightning 8m jute rope (5 pack): ###
Basic 8m jute rope (1 pc): ###

Shipping address
Line 1: @@@
Line 2: @@@
City: @@@
Province/State: @@@
Postal code: @@@
Country: @@@
Phone number: @@@
  1. Replace the ### with the quantities of product you desire.
  2. Replace the @@@’s with your exact address as you wish it to appear on the shipping label. We require your phone number so that the postal service may contact you to ensure the delivery of your package.
  3. If this is your first order with us, please include:
    • Type of business/store: (brick and mortar store, online seller, rope group resale, etc)
    • Main contact name:
    • Main contact email:
  4. Send the email!
  5. Receive our detailed invoice including shipping costs.
  6. Pay the invoice.
  7. Receive our products.
  8. Sell products.
  9. Repeat!


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You can always write us with any inquiries at: wholesale@douglaskentrope.com