For our rope

Blown away by the beautiful packaging.
When I cut open the mailer the fact that the rope was wrapped in an additional layer of black paper and actually sealed with a ribbon was truly elegant. The shrink wrap showed the rope through the plastic beautifully. Thank you for allowing me to mix and match as I now have an example of both styles. The ends are beautifully finished - best I've ever seen, both knotted and whipped. It was an experience of unwrapping a beautiful and elegant present. And the ropes were wrapped and tied off with a care to match. The little card that said "made with love by..." was a wonderful touch as well.
As with so many things rope - the presentation counted for much and the presentation was outstanding.
Congratulations on a beautiful product, and thank you for making me a 'beta' tester.
I think you will have difficulty keeping up with the orders once people see the quality and the presentation. Well done my friend.
Showed the ropes to Madame Butterfly and she was duly impressed. The end finish with the thistle knot and the red whipping really caught her attention.
I will very likely be re-ordering rope. I love the rope and it inspired me to pick it up again.

- Hawk9, partner of Madame Butterfly

I don't know what you did to it, but there's magic in that rope! Best I've ever used.

- NashvilleSwitch

'Made with love by Lina' Awesome!!! The packaging is freaking awesome. The detail. Wow.

- -tes-

Such exquisite rope! It's absolutely stunning to hold and use. I look forward to many fun times.

- Carolina_Jen

It is comfortable for the bottom, nice and toothy, easy to handle and super fast, as promised.

- Morgan Thorne

The packaging was awesome. Very nice touch. It throws well. Has a good solid feel.

- JD

It’s awesome. Good amount of grip for holding knots. Good feel. Rough enough to be sensual. Not so rough as to be unbearably scratchy. I broke it in at a recent rope skill share and it was well received.

- bobbond

I tried your rope yesterday for the first time (it got here last week) and I must say it feels amazingly good, besides looking fantastic. It is certainly among the very best rope I ever used. And it has a perk... it sheds very little.
Congratulations, Doug and team! The website is a really nice job, with a rarely found clean and individual style. And the rope is TRULY great.

- Blacktawse

I ordered rope from your online store and I just wanted to say that it is amazing. :) I am really impressed with the packaging and everything.

- PetitePaws

I am .... hands down... so incredibly speechless by the attention to detail, the quality and absolute amazingness you offer in your jute rope.
I can't wait to feel it in my hands and on my skin!

- Knotty_Bunny

I've been holding off on writing a testimonial about the ropes which I purchased until after I've had the chance to use them for at least fifty sessions. I wanted to get a feel for the product once they were somewhat worn in. I'm pleased to say that they have exceeded my high expectations in every facet of use.
I've been using all three of the DKR rope options, i.e. Classic, Custom and Lightning for about three months now. My personal favourite being the Classic but I would recommend either of the other two options, also.
Firstly, the packaging was beautiful and the vacuum packed manner in which they were shipped was in form with the technical care taken in their braiding and singeing. Really, from the moment that I unwrapped the coils I could feel quality and care. It's been in their usage that I've come to appreciate how much better these pieces are from what I'd been collecting over the years. Subtle differences, to be sure, but highly worthwhile, as well. The colour, the texture, the excellent friction capacity. The rope has a lovely tactile sense of suppleness without losing its body. I hold it and I can feel it's substance yet it flows as easily as a piece that has been used hundreds of times.
This is a great buy.

- DocOttawa

I'm very impressed with the way it looks in the package and with all the care that was taken to package the rope is also impressive.
I want to thank you for great communication and working out my special order request.
Rope feels excellent. I'll be buying all my rope from you folks moving forward. Speaking of which I want to repeat my exact order again.
Feels great looks great, customizable, the best I've personally found.

- LordZon

I just wanted to say thank you. I received the custom rope and furoshiki I ordered today on our anniversary. The rope is absolutely beautiful and there was obvious attention to detail in everything from the manufacture to the packaging.
Your customer service was excellent - I happened to be trying out TOR when I placed the order, and was contacted to ensure the order was legitimate, an extra step to protect your customers, which is appreciated.
The packaging was well designed and executed to protect the rope and was still attractive. I'm sure we'll enjoy the rope as much as we have your books. Thank you for producing a beautiful, superb product at a reasonable price.

- Brent


I've had my DKR for about a year now and I have to say I will never use any other maker. I remember vividly the lovely packaging...the protective plastic sleeve covering the beautiful black tissue paper hiding the treasures within - so tantalizing! I must say I enjoyed the note informing me of the maker/packer very much - a charming and loving touch! I have ordered both a custom set, which turned out absolutely perfect and a set of the standard DKR with the red whippings which have become my standard set.
The twist is perfect, the treatment yielding smooth, flawless ropes that were a little stiff when used at first (as any properly made rope will be) and softened wonderfully after being used on bodies. Its movement in my hands is truly exquisite and has great fluidity through ties, making a lovely tying experience. I have had absolutely no issues with fraying or loosening and will continue to use this set for years to come! (even after I find an excuse to buy a new set!)
All I can say is the wait is worth it - your patience will be rewarded - these ropes are perfect and I cannot wait to buy more :)
Thank you so very much for producing such a great product.

- YourBotanist (FetLife)

Shipment received. You've probably had people tell you how the process has gone before, but if customer feedback [is] interesting to you:
- the website checkout process is actually one of the smoothest I've come across. Ordering is easy.
- prompt shipment and delivery, great email auto responders along the way
- the package itself is a delight. It's like getting a special gift to yourself (especially as it all came wrapped with a ribbon) and there are lovely touches in there like the "made with love" tags and the Martha Stewart gel packs. It was nice getting the care and maintenance booklet and it's a handy reference that I'll keep.
Anyway, from start to finish it was a good experience, I thought you might like to know everything is working smoothly while you're changing locations. =)

- Deviance_Desire


For the books

Douglas Kent did an amazing job with Land and Sky - two solid books!

- JD of Two Knotty Boys

I am a big fan of Douglas Kent's books on Shibari!

- John Baku

The Better Built Bondage Book is a MUST-GET book. It's loaded with real, down-to-earth projects, ideas, and step-by-step instructions that even a caveman can follow. The diagrams and pictures are better thought out and more detailed than any how-to book I have ever seen. You’ll be able to make first-rate, grade-A toys and furniture that are safer than most commercially produced items, all for a fraction of the price. If you have a toy bag or dungeon in mind, you can fill it with the projects found here.

- Lochai

The plans in The Better Built Bondage Book have my fingers itching and my sub trembling! The clear directions (not to mention hot photos) are an inspiration to really trick out my dungeon. Best of all, the writing has the friendly conversational tone of a fellow kinkster.

- Graydancer, host of the Ropecast podcast

I looked over your Complete Shibari books and they are fantastic, my friend!!!
What I love about them is this.
1) The images, with brilliant colors is by far the best of any English language "how to tie" instructional on the Japanese styled tying arts...
2) The preparatory materials are right on target. They are factual, accurate, clear and to the point...
3) I love your unique icons for showing movements & turns etc.
4) I love the publishing quality. I don't see the cover falling off this one like others I've seen.
5) Price - you just can't beat the cost here... frankly this is amazing what you have done for such a reasonable price.
6) Your models are all gorgeous and a delight for the eye to take in. (and your rope ain't bad either.... LOL) I have studied Kinbaku / Shibari for some 15 years now and it has been a long, tedious and expensive road finding and learning techniques of the Japanese Rope Arts. This is by far the finest instructional we have in English. You have done a great service to the community. My hat is off to you my friend. Everyone should be ordering your book....
I rate it 5 out of 5 Hershey Bars!!!! Great going....

- Tatu

The Better Built Bondage Book is the absolute encyclopedia of everything one could ever imagine as a kinky play toy...and yes, you can build it yourself! Easy-to-follow instructions make this book a kink lover's DIY dream. From floggers to erotic knots to bondage furniture, you’ll be able to turn your spare room into a play room in no time... and at a fraction of the cost!

- Chanta Rose, author of Bondage for Sex

Your Better Built Bondage Book is the most useful "do-it-yourself" construction book I've ever seen, kink or non-kink, so I was looking forward to your Complete Shibari books.
I was not disappointed.
Both books are beautifully illustrated with clear, detailed, and sexy photos packing every page. The emphasis is on step-by-step photos, with minimal text. I like your use of icons to indicate features of a tie such as "fast," "similar to another tie," and "stoptional" (optional stop).
I also like the fact that the beautiful "glamor" ties that open each section are composed entirely of elements presented in the books. I particularly liked the hilarious (and yet still very sexy) "motorcycle jump" and "basketball player" photos in the Sky volume.
Douglas is an exceedingly thorough, systematic thinker. He is also an excellent writer, photographer and teacher. I highly recommend all three of his books to every kinky crafts-person and bondage enthusiast.
If you work through these two books, you will definitely become one of the better bondage riggers in your circle of perverted friends, unless you hang out with one hell of an advanced circle of perverted friends.
These will make superb "coffee table" conversation starters. "Hey, let's try this tie!"
Are all of Douglas' techniques traceable back in an unbroken chain of true dominant, old-guard Japanese shibari masters to the first samurai who tied up his geisha girlfriend?
Who cares?

- Philip the Foole

So... you want to learn a little about Shibari? I had the opportunity to contribute a few opinions when Doug was writing this series. The finished versions were delivered yesterday and I was completely blown away with the quality as well as these being a wonderful guide packed with information for beginners as well as experienced riggers.

- Jfoto

I picked up both of Doug's Complete Shibari books, and they are excellent...
And I also have to say that I was very excited to see a book that dealt with suspension. We've needed that for a long time. Many people insist that one on one or small group instruction is the only way to learn suspension, and it is certainly valuable and highly recommended. But Sky provides both detailed photos and a tremendous amount of information about concepts and techniques in order to ensure that the work is safe, beautiful and fun in equal measure...
I hadn't expected to be as impressed as I was by Land. I've been tying the box tie exactly as laid out in Midori's book for three years... I never thought about the scene/ utility implications of tying the component parts in a different order, or skipping some entirely. That alone was worth the price of the book, and of course, there's so much more than that in there...
Anyway, thanks again. Your contributions to the lifestyle and the rope arts in particular are enormous.

- JaggedWeaver

The Complete Shibari series is True Genius…
It has been said that it takes true genius to take that which is complex and make it simple.
That is exactly what Douglas Kent has done with the Complete Shibari series. If you have a passion for sensual rope bondage this set of books is a must have for your library.

- The Eroticologist

I just wanted to say I LOVE how you make rope bondage more accessible without all the mystery with your books and rope. I look forward to your future publications!

- Doctor_Who

I was introduced to your writing about a year ago and bought Land and Sky. They have been an inspiration and a source of great pleasure to me and my partner.

- Tiff and Sue

Just wanted to say I absolutely love your series, and thank you for doing such an amazing job at making shibari so accessible & easy to get into! :)
I already have both volumes (Land & Sky) and I am eagerly awaiting the next in the series, as well as your other projects! Kudos all the way.

- Nodorum

I just purchased your two Complete Shibari books online and received them this morning. These are as helpful, intuitive, easy to follow and learn from as anything. It lays a great groundwork in a very concise fashion.
I just wanted to say thanks for putting these out there!

- David P

I just received Complete Shibari vols. 1 and 2, and now I regret I didn't buy The Better Built Bondage Book also... They're amazing! Congratulations!

- Gabriel Souza

I imagine that you hear quite a bit of this, but the Complete Shibari Vol. 1 was given to me a couple of years ago as a gift when I was really just starting to grow with basic rope work, and it blew me away with how you explained everything and the ease of getting through the book. I love it and have recommended it, and it's one of the better gifts I've ever received. I have also gotten Vol 2 as I've been starting to work with suspensions.
Thank you for putting those out and writing them in the way that you did. The really hot models were a good idea too.

- Roderis

Mr. Kent:
I just wanted to personally say thank you for all your work and effort you put into your books. Land and Sky are an amazing inspiration and the first bondage books I bought when I committed myself to beginning this new journey and chapter in my life. I am very much looking forward to owning a copy of Rogue Hojojutsu.

- JJ

Christmas in May!
The book arrived today morning!
As for Complete Shibari Volume 1: Land Douglas did a great job: very fine and efficient book.

- Michel

Subject: Woah
I just wanted to say that these books are a whole lot more than I thought they would be. Thanks for taking the time to make something worthy.

- Billy Tingles

Amazingly good stuff has arrived! Funny how you can be very happy in seconds with a pair of excellent books. It reveals all the tiny details you wanna know in a very clear & compact way in a nice no-nonsense style.

- Addictivation

Rogue Hojojutsu arrived today. Fucking fuckkkk it's so fucking good. Pardon my language but I can't formulate the right words...
Also like the bold tear down of samurai romantic myths. It's rogue alright, and real...
Book is priceless. A fucking steal for what's inside. I hope DK gets whatever his heart desires because this book is by far the best bang for buck I've spent this year.

- Angulimala

I bought the four book set from Douglas Kent and it was phenomenal! Everything shipped really quickly, and the books and bindings are extremely high quality. The way the ties are demonstrated through use of icons is very intuitive, and these books are absolutely jam packed with information, both on the history (like in Rogue Hojojutsu) and in technique and variations. I have a lot of shibari and bondage books, and this set definitely surpasses them all as far as bang for your buck and on being unlike any other books I own. I absolutely recommend getting the whole set if you're on the fence!

- Morbid