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tl;dr: If you want the best, get the Shibari Everything-You-Need Pack, the Hojojutsu Everything-You-Need Pack, and The Better Built Bondage Book.

I remember being a beginner. I had so many questions: How do I learn to tie? What rope should I get? How much rope? How long?

Worse, I didn't know if I was asking the right questions.

Our beginner packages let you get everything you need by answering these this simple question: "What do you want to do?". 

With our one-stop packs, you can stop worrying about what to get and start focusing on becoming amazingly skilled!


I want to learn shibari!
I want to learn hojojutsu!
I want to make my own kinky toys!

Note from Douglas Kent: Don't buy only 5 ropes!

The biggest mistake I see from beginners, by far, is not having enough rope.  We sell shibari ropes in packets of 5 because of sizing of packaging and shipping weights, and to let you have a choice of colors.

We don't sell 5-packs because we believe you should only have 5 ropes! If you buy a single 5-pack of rope for shibari, you are very much limiting yourself.

I realize I'm both the guy selling you the rope and also the guy recommending you buy more rope. However, I'm writing kink books and selling rope out of love, not for money. If I wanted to get rich, I'd have written a fad-diet book.  

You're about to put a lot of time and effort toward learning to tie. For many, tying becomes a defining part of who they are. Being tied can be one of the most profoundly sensual and moving experiences of a lifetime. You'll be the one giving that experience to people.

Get enough rope so you can reach your full potential. Get enough rope so that your partners can experience how amazing you are.

If you can afford it, please get enough rope so you can be the rigger you want to be, not the rigger you are right now. 

I want to learn shibari!


Shibari Everything-You-Need Pack

…if you want to…

  • Learn shibari
  • Become an expert at shibari
  • Create amazing suspension shibari ties
  • Create complex, intimate shibari bed ties
  • Be as creative as you want
  • Always have enough rope for any situation
Messy Shibari




Shibari Suspension Starter Pack

…if you want to

  • Learn complex shibari on the floor and bed
  • Learn basic suspension shibari
  • Own the best rope of anyone you know




Shibari Floorplay Starter Pack

…if you want to…

  • Learn basic shibari for floor and bed ties


I want to learn hojojutsu!

Hojojutsu Pro Pack


Hojojutsu Everything-You-Need Pack

…if you want to…

  • Learn aggressive hojojutsu forms
  • Become an expert at hojojutsu
  • Tie your partner so they can't escape
  • Tie the most complex hojojutsu forms from memory

Hojojutsu is the grandfather to modern shibari. Many of the techniques from hojojutsu make you a faster and more effective shibari artist. 


 Hojojutsu Intermediate Pack


Hojojutsu Intermediate Pack

…if you want to

  • Learn intermediate hojojutsu forms
  • Reproduce complex ties by following Rogue Hojojutsu
  • Reproduce intermediate ties from memory
  • Reproduce any form in Rogue Hojojutsu with a single rope
  • Take photos of your work


 Hojojutsu Starter Pack


Hojojutsu Starter Pack

…if you want to

  • Learn simple Hojojutsu forms
  • Create some intermediate forms by extending your rope

I want to make my own kinky toys!


The Better Built Bondage Book

…if you want to…

  • Learn how to build your own toys
  • Own well-designed portable bondage furniture
  • Own high-quality BDSM toys
  • Save money on your kinky toys
  • Have the biggest kinky toy collection of anyone you know!