Mixed Rope Kit 7m/10m/20m

The Mixed Rope Kit includes three ropes, each blue, 6mm in diameter, with simple black whip stitch ends. The ropes are 7m, 10m and 20m long.

You could use the ropes for anything you want, but they're specially made for Hojojutsu.

Hojojutsu straight ropes traditionally range from 7m to 20m, so we made a kit that gives you the full range!

Make no mistake - a 20m rope is seriously long! However, we include it so that you can recreate the most complex Hojojutsu forms in Rogue Hojojutsu on anyone, using only a single rope. (The forms are very beautiful, so we know you'll want to take pics of your work without any ugly rope-joins ruining the look.)

As with all our other ropes, our Mixed Rope Kit is crafted to the highest standards. 

Tossa jute, 6 mm
Length: 7m, 10m, & 20m
Rope color: Blue
End finishing: Two whipped ends
End whipping color: Black
Tassel length of whipped end: 1 cm
Center Mark:  None
Left thread color: -
Center thread color: -
Right thread color: -
Rope singeing: Yes
Rope softening: 1x
Rope conditioner: Mineral oil
Conditioner quantity: 1 mL/m


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