Chroma Green 8 jute rope (8m x 5-pack)

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All our rope is made of the same high-quality tossa jute - you need only choose color and length!

Color: Wild Green
Length: 8 m

About Chroma rope

Our new Chroma rope comes in your choice of bold, saturated colors:

What makes Douglas Kent Chroma rope special?

Colored all the way through

Cheaper dyed rope is only dyed on the  surface. After a bit of use, cheap rope develops ugly "white patches" because the rope shifts, exposing undyed sections of rope. Over time, it only gets worse.

Douglas Kent Chroma rope is made from dyed thread, so the color goes all the way through.

High strand count

Poor-quality rope has only a few strands, so the rope is stiff, lumpy, and inflexible.

Douglas Kent rope has 18 strands (or more), which is far more than most rope. As a result, our rope is smooth, consistent, and flexible.

Light and fast

Hemp rope is roughly 3 times as heavy as jute. Though heavy rope won't feel heavy to your arm, it does to your fingers - the extra effort of tying heavy rope can exacerbate RSI injuries and will definitely slow your tying speed.

Douglas Kent rope is light, so you can tie fast without wearing out the small muscles on your fingers.

Fewer imperfections

Virtually all natural ropes have some imperfections and bumps where individual strands are joined to form continuous strands. Some rope sellers simply cut the rope as-is, so that any ugly lumps in your rope are your problem.

Douglas Kent rope has fewer imperfections than our competitors because we use rope with a high strand count - with finer strands, bumps are smaller, too.

But we don't stop there.

The rope artists at Douglas Kent Rope carefully check over every centimeter of the rope. If a section of rope has ugly lumps, we don't use it.

Detailed finishing

Most rope sellers cut the rope, tie a quick overhand knot in the ends, and toss the rope in an envelope. Their total processing time per rope is less than 60 seconds.

Douglas Kent ropes are softened, lightly oiled, and de-fuzzed so that you have great rope from the moment you get it!

At Douglas Kent, the finishing time is roughly 1 hour per rope, and that's with our experienced rope artists working full-time, making rope in batches, after years of refining the process. If you were to spend 40 hours of your own time, you'd have trouble finishing 5 ropes. You'd likely have many ruined ropes and the finished result wouldn't be nearly as good as ours. When it comes to rope finishing, Douglas Kent Rope is peerless.

Small end knots

If you buy your rope from most rope sellers, they finish the ends with Overhand Knots, which are huge. Overhand Knots will slow you down because they catch on everything. Every time you pull your rope through a loop, through a ring, or through your hands, the bulky Overhand Knots catch and get in the way.

Douglas Kent ropes are finished with a Single Wall Knot, which is the smallest knot possible. Single Wall Knots are the perfect size to act as a stopper knot, while letting you tie fast.

Thread-whipped ends

Thread whipping is really really time consuming. Virtually no other rope seller offers thread whipping because it would cut into their profits. However, thread whipping makes Douglas Kent rope really superior.

On their own, Single Wall Knots come loose quickly - that's partly why other rope sellers don't use them.

Our rope artists carefully and painstakingly thread-whip each Single Wall Knot - on both sides! The result is a tight, compact end knot that never comes loose!

Oiling & softening & defuzzing

Each rope is carefully softened and defuzzed so your rope is marvelously soft, smooth, and lint free!

Each rope is treated with mineral oil at a precisely measured rate of 2 mL/m over the length of the rope. This treatment leaves the rope soft and keeps your hands from drying out, even with fast tying.

These ropes are beautifully colored and beautifully finished!

Chroma specifications:


Rope type Tossa jute
Nominal diameter 6mm
Rope color and length Chroma Red (8m long)
Chroma Blue (8m long)
Chroma Green (8m long)
Chroma Pink (7m long)
End whipping color Black
Tassel length 3 cm
Center mark thread color White
Rope singeing Yes
Rope softening 2x
Rope conditioner Mineral oil
Conditioner quantity 2 mL/m

For more technical rope specs, see the FAQ.

Ropes come in packs of 5. We recommend that you buy a set of 15-20 ropes. Either choose one color for your set or make your own rainbow! 

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Chroma Green 8 rope
5 pcs of 6mm diameter jute rope, each piece 8m long


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