Hojojutsu Rope


Douglas Kent hojojutsu ropes are beautifully crafted, beautiful to hold, and beautiful to behold.

We start by splicing a loop into one end of our signature 6 mm natural jute. Then, we singe the entire length three times. Next, we lightly coat the length with mineral oil.

Though the spliced loop is already very strong, we add a whipping to reinforce the loop and keep it looking smooth.

We finish the other end with a simple whipping so that the rope end pulls quickly without catching.

Finally, as a special touch, we add a few extra drops of mineral oil on the inside of the bight to minimize wear and help loops tighten easily.

Our hojojutsu rope is designed both to reward good technique and to last.

"Quick ropes" in hojojutsu typically range from 4.5-7 m, with standard lengths being either 5 m or 7 m. Our rope is 5 m, the shortest common standard, for fast, simple ties.

In an old Edo Period hojojutsu color scheme, black rope was used to capture common criminals, with other colors for higher class captives. Since this is the shortest style of hojojutsu rope, it would be used for the simplest forms on the lowest criminals. We chose to use black whipping - you can decide if that's because it looks great on natural rope, because it's a traditional standard, or because your hojojutsu partners are kinda sketchy. (We know which we'd choose!)

Whether you're serious about hojojutsu or just a rope fan experimenting with a more aggressive style, our Douglas Kent hojojutsu rope is a beautiful and affordable choice that will reward good form and help make you a better, more effective hojojutsu artist.


Tossa jute, 6 mm
Length: 5 m
Rope color: Natural
End finishing: One eye splice, one whipped end
End whipping color: Black
Tassel length of whipped end: 1 cm
Center Mark:  None
Left thread color: -
Center thread color: -
Right thread color: -
Rope singeing: Yes
Rope softening: 1x
Rope conditioner: Mineral oil
Conditioner quantity: 1 mL/m


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