Lightning 7 jute rope (7m x 5-pack)

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Designed for speed, speed, speed!

Our signature tossa jute is already light and fast, but we’ve designed the rest of the rope for speed, too!

End knots are tiny single Wall knots. They’re just big enough to hold a Lark’s Head rope extension, but small enough to pull through crevices without resistance.

A single center mark lets you instantly find the exact center of each rope.

But you won't see the real benefit of Douglas Kent Lightning until the lights go down! The center marks glow!

To let you find the centers quickly, even in dim light, we use glow-in-the-dark thread!  The thread is white during the day, but charge it with a few minutes of bright light, and the thread will emit a soft glow just bright enough for you to see, but not enough to distract anyone else.

Rope tassels are 3 cm long to give you a little more feel when extending rope (but you can always trim them down to suit your style). Longer tassels feel more sensual when drawn along bare skin, and also help to cushion any inadvertent snaps from fast-moving rope ends.

The end knot thread color is French Vanilla, which blends nicely with the rope’s natural color and won't compete with the visibility of the center mark. Thus, you can see the center marks at a glance.

Each rope is treated with mineral oil at a precisely measured rate of 2 mL/m over the length of the rope. This treatment leaves the rope soft and keeps your hands from drying out, even with fast tying.

The extra oil treatment keeps your hands from becoming chapped and may even lightly moisturize your skin, without leaving it oily.

Douglas Kent Lightning won’t make you a great rigger, but it will reward you when you use proper techniques that lead to becoming a great rigger. If you’re serious about speed (or gaining speed), Douglas Kent Lightning will never hold you back.

Lightning 7 or Lightning 8?

Rope should be sized for the rigger, not the rope bottom. Riggers tend to use rope that’s too long for their body, which makes pulling rope slow and awkward. Shibari riggers over 1.78 m (5’10”) should use Lightning 8; riggers shorter than 1.78 m should seriously consider Lightning 7.


Lightning 7 Specifications:
Tossa jute, 6mm
Length: 7 m
Rope color: Blond
End knot: Single Wall knot
End whipping color: Ivory
Tassel length: 3 cm
Center Mark:  1 mark (center only)
Left thread color: -
Center thread color: Glow-in-the-dark fluorescent white
Right thread color: -
Rope singeing: Yes
Rope softening: 2x
Rope conditioner: Mineral oil
Conditioner quantity: 2 mL/m


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