Resale Discounts for Books

For orders intended for resale that do not meet our wholesale minimums, we offer Doug's books at tiered discounts. To order, please email

Please note:

  1. Prices shown are in USD and do not include shipping.
  2. You may not mix and match titles to make the minimum (i.e. an order of 5 books means 5 of the same title).

 Title Order 5 (save 10%)
Unit price
Order 10 (save 20%)
Unit price
Order 15 (save 30%)
Unit price
Complete Shibari Volume 1: Land 22.50 20.00 17.50
Complete Shibari Volume 1: Sky 22.50 20.00 17.50
The Better Built Bondage Book 31.50 28.00 This tier meets our wholesale minimum.
Rogue Hojojutsu 27.00 24.00 This tier meets our wholesale minimum.