20-Rope Pack

If you want the best rope-only shibari kit, this is it. 

The 20-Rope Pack has lots of rope for any situation.

You have tons of rope for floorplay and lots for complex suspensions, too. If you lose a rope or have to set one aside because of tangles, you still have enough. If you perform multiple ties during a scene or transition from one suspension to another, you can keep drawing fresh bundles. 

By always using a fresh bundle when you need it, you'll never have to waste time scrounging around the floor looking for a used rope. You'll feel like a pro and you'll look like a pro because that's what the pros do. 

You'll have lots rope to experiment, so if you're not a pro yet, you'll start practicing the skills to be a pro.

The 20-Rope Pack includes:

  • 20 jute ropes

Choosing your rope

You can make your rope one color or many! To let you tie consistently, we recommend that you use ropes of a single length, but you're not obligated to.

Douglas Kent tested many riggers of varying heights and produced these recommendations for best rope length…

How long should my rope be