Hojojutsu Practice Doll

The Hojojutsu Practice Doll is a limited-edition one-time production run designed by Douglas Kent. The doll is intended for sale only with the Hojojutsu Everything-You-Need Pack.


During the Edo period, samurai were expected to maintain their skills. To practice hojojutsu, many samurai used hojojutsu practice dolls made of bound straw, wood, or paper. 

In modern times, it's impossible to find a hojojutsu practice doll, so we made one! Moreover, we made them better than the originals!

Douglas Kent personally iterated the design over a few years until it was exactly what he wanted.

This doll features:

  • Material that holds cord in place, while letting it slip when tying.
  • Stuffing stiff enough to hold cord in place, while letting you slip a finger or tool under a loop.
  • Anthropomorphic shape that lets you replicate how the tie works on a real person.
  • Hinged shoulder and elbow joints that let you replicate almost any hojojutsu form correctly.
  • A pocket that lets you insert a weight and stand the doll, hold it in place with a heavy weight, and store your cord in it afterward!
  • A fun "bad guy" face that lets you easily identify the front and back.

These dolls were hand made, so each doll has some variability. Traditional stuffed bears don't feature tubular shapes, hinged limbs, or tight stuffing because they're technically difficult to make consistently. Further, stuffed bears use thick fur to hide stitching imperfections. If you're expecting a microscopically perfect doll, you'll be disappointed. However, as a cool tool for learning hojojutsu, it's perfect.

This doll was created as a very limited-edition production run. It may never be made again. 


Hojojutsu Practice Doll
Height: ~400 mm nominal (with pocket)
Height: ~300 mm nominal (without pocket)
Width: ~150 mm nominal
Color: Light blue & black

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